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1、Accurate interpretation of customer and market demand,To provideInnovative design solutions,And separate proposals

2、Design trend analysis,Participate in product definition and preliminary study,Cooperate with team to grasp the design direction and design style

3、Product creative design,Modeling,RenderingAnd lateFollow up


Post requirements:

1、Certainly must master all kinds of design software,Flexible applicationPSAnd a vector software,Such as:AI、Coreldraw;

2、Excellent aesthetic ability,Product form design ability is excellent,The product structure、Craft material utilization is very understanding;
3、The design of the clarity of thought,Know what the user in mind;
4、Has an enormous material library,Imagination QingQi,Design inspiration。


1.Complete the daily work assigned by the company,For enterprise website modification and maintenance,Publicity materials design and production, and other activities of poster design;
2.With the business department of external plane business,UnderstandingUIInterface design is preferred;
3.Cooperate with other department outbound publicity materials of image processing and layout;
4.Participate in the company as a wholeVISThe design of the system
5.Responsible for the company's propaganda video data editing processing。


Post requirements:

1、Familiar with all kinds of sewing tools,For examplePS、AI,It is best to be some space design or interaction design,That's perfect;

2、Profound artistic ability,Beginning ability is strong,Originality is strong,Unique aesthetic,Can fully express the brand connotation and characteristics 

1. According to the budget targets and strategic business direction to develop new customers and new market;
2. According to the pioneering task to formulate marketing plan and to participate in the activities of business promotion;
3. Customer demand docking,Complete pre-sale communication、Business strategy and quotation, etc;
4. For customer relationship maintenance on a regular basis,Guarantee customer satisfaction。

Post requirements:
1、College degree or above,Fluent in English is preferred;
2、3Years of work experience;Consulting and training、Industrial design、Product development or related experience is preferred;
3、Strong communication ability,Has the team consciousness,Good at gathering,Analyze and capture the market information;
4、A sense of responsibility,Can work under high pressure。

1.Responsible for product from appearance modeling、The structure design、Mould to follow up、Test review、2 to follow up on site、Engineering materials production to mass production data,And is responsible forIn this phase all the exception handling
2.Responsible for the early part of the project structure evaluation work 
3.Be responsible for the individual prototype assembly production
4.Responsible for technical communication project outsourcing manufacturing or development resources,To provide technical support for production and products continue to improve。

Professional requirements:
1. A2Years experience in structural design and engineering work experience;
2.Familiar with plastic、Pieces of hardware such as the design requirements,Material properties,The production process,Familiar with mould making process,Sealed samples and parts process
3. Understanding of electronic product development and production process。Develop test method and test standard and tracking testing progress
4.Responsible for technical communication project outsourcing manufacturing or development resources,Provide technical support to production。

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      Since2003So far this year,Comparing to Maya receives“Keep a cause”The brand concept,Has grown into a high quality team of industrial design innovation。With thousands of square meters of office space and multiple professional laboratory,At home and abroad, with many branches and joint design center。
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      Compensated and people-oriented concept of industrial design with cutting-edge technology in the field of intelligent technology achieve mastery through a comprehensive study,For product innovation can assign,Power transformation and upgrading of traditional industries。Form the station“Science and technology industrial design companyThe strategic positioning。
      Intensive cultivation  Design innovation
      Jas in household life、Outdoor travel、Commercial office、Gen wen wen brigade four scenarios for innovative research and team organization。Will be used at all stages of product innovation design thinking,Make the study of design、Product design、Project and supply chain management、Hatch innovation such as multiple plates。
      The national mission  The feelings of the people's livelihood  The design ideal
      This is compensated with responsibility as the center of the national industrial design,All of the MayaPursuit!

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