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The heavy machinery co., LTD. Is located in shandong remit“The hometown of qilu culture”-Shandong LinQu,The transportation is convenient,Communication broad,Is the national electric power planning and design institute recommended manufacturers,Company specialized for coal-fired power plants、Different capacity of thermal power plant(200MW-1000MW)The unit provides a complete set of equipment of a coal conveying system。

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  • Crushing equipmentCrushing equipment
  • Screening equipmentScreening equipment
  • Conveying equipmentConveying equipment
  • The feeding equipmentThe feeding equipment

More than ten series,Hundred kind of specifications of the breaker、Conveyor、Screening machine、Feeder,Universal coverage the diverse needs of customers,Widely used in mining、Building materials、Highway、Bridges、Coal、Chemical industry、Metallurgy、Refractory materials and other fields。


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